Why Shareholder Activism?

The world is changing - there's no doubt about that. But the direction we as a global community decide to steer the ship is entirely dependent on individuals working collectively to enforce real, credible and enduring change.

We feel there is a need for new, innovative ways to combat the social and environmental damage that many multinational corporations inflict on the planet and its people in a fast-moving world.

Here at Tulipshare, we believe wholeheartedly that shareholder activism is an effective way to enforce this change.

Holding corporations accountable with shareholder activism

All that is well and good - but what is shareholder activism exactly? Well, shareholder activism is a way for those who hold stock in publicly-held companies to influence corporate behaviour by exercising their shareholder rights.

This strategy can significantly affect the way large businesses operate when done collectively with other shareholders. By actively engaging with the companies we're investing in and utilising our shareholder rights to vote at companies' annual general meetings (AGMs) and by submitting shareholder proposals, we can play our part in pushing companies to be more ethical and sustainable.

Tulipshare"s primary focus is to push companies to be more ethical and sustainable through active shareholder engagement.

Why is shareholder activism important?

The power corporations have over our daily lives isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Take, for instance, the sobering statistic that Apple's market cap is higher than several countries' GDPs, including Canada, Italy and Brazil.

Unfortunately, multinational corporations don"t have to listen to protests or opinion polls, but they are required to listen to their shareholders. Shareholder activism is a way to influence the corporate governance of public companies to keep the power these businesses have in check and ensure that they are held accountable.

While we're not diminishing the role that signing petitions and protesting can have, we do believe that shareholder activism is yet another powerful tool to affect change, especially when it's embraced by individual investors. Tulipshare's platform is designed to make shareholder activism more accessible to individual investors, with the hope that by supporting shareholder democracy, we will accelerate progress towards a more ethical and sustainable business world and, therefore, planet.

Shareholder activism is on the rise

Ultimately, this is just the beginning for shareholder activism. With the ever-increasing climate change and social justice awareness, shareholder activism takes on an even more prominent part to play in impacting people's lives around the world. For corporations only interested in profit, shareholder action is one of our most valuable assets.

If you're interested in getting involved, take a look through our current <campaigns>, find a cause you're passionate about and <get in touch> with us if you have any burning questions!