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Plastic Pollution: 5 things you need to know and what you can do about it
The 1950s and 60s brought us a lot of amazing things: television, Elvis, a moon landing, The Beatles. It also brought a lot of plastic.
Tulipshare Jan 24, 2022
How to exercise your shareholder rights
We all know how important voting is to democracy. There is no shortage of campaigns urging people to get out and vote before their next political election. But when it comes to shareholder democracy? You might as well hear crickets.
Tulipshare Jan 17, 2022
What is ethical investing?
Ethical and activist investing have emerged as two methods of moral investing. But what are ethical and activist investing and how do they differ?
Tulipshare Jan 2, 2022
How to turn the promises made at COP26 into a success
With melting ice sheets, warming oceans and a drastic rise in the global temperature, the climate change clock is undoubtedly ticking.
Tulipshare Dec 20, 2021
Apple Self Service Program and How It’s Still Missing the Mark
While this is a positive move and a step in the right direction, we have identified gaps within the Self Service Repair Program that still need to be addressed.
Tulipshare Dec 14, 2021
A Letter from Antoine Argouges, founder and CEO of Tulipshare
Outrage became our currency. And yet it still hasn’t been enough. Despite the disruption, the financial world has continued to turn, the rich have continued to get richer.
Tulipshare Dec 13, 2021
Tulipshare receives $10.8M in seed funding to continue its mission of bringing activist investing to retail investors
As a result, our team of highly skilled engineers, marketers, and attorneys will expand in the new year. We're excited to introduce new campaigns as a result of this expansion.
Tulipshare Dec 7, 2021
Five Things You Need To Know Going Into This Proxy Season
The proverbial “proxy season” happens each year between mid-April and mid-June, during which time many large corporations will host their annual meetings.
Tulipshare Nov 26, 2021
How Shareholder Activism Can Help Companies Strengthen ESG Initiatives
Investors are increasingly viewing corporate attention to ESG criteria as a good thing. Thus, applying ESG best practices can be considered to be a way to make businesses more competitive and may even yield better financial results.
Tulipshare Nov 22, 2021
Three Ways Tulipshare is Changing the World of Activism Investing
"What is really important is structural change - and that can only be achieved through long-term thinking and long-term investments and regulations." - Joeri Rogelj
Tulipshare Nov 22, 2021
Racial Equity Audits: What are they and why should you care?
Racial Equity Audits are a relatively new ESG initiative. These audits provide an independent review of a company's policies and how well they foster diversity, inclusion, and racial equality.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
What is ESG Investing?
Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about how businesses are affecting the environment and social wellbeing of our world.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
COP26 and Funding Climate Change: How Shareholder Activism and Engagement May Add Hope
The UK’s finance day was held on the 2nd of November during COP26, amidst ongoing protests from green activist groups concerned about ‘greenwashing’ - or misleading the public on how effective certain green initiatives actually are.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
What is Activist Investing or Shareholder Activism?
Put simply, activist investing and shareholder activism is the act of investing your money into publicly traded companies held on the stock market and then using your shares to influence their corporate governance.
Tulipshare Nov 18, 2021
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