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New Report by Tulipshare: Shareholder Activism Year in Review
See which big institutions blocked shareholder proposals - and whether they're voting consistently - in our newly-released report.
Oct 6, 2022
Amazon's Watching Us: So We're Watching Amazon
Amazon’s surveillance and privacy concerns extend beyond Amazon’s employees…here’s what shareholders and consumers should know.
Tulipshare Oct 5, 2022
Investing Basics 101: Four Favourite Resources For First Time Investors
I'm finally going to start investing! How do I prepare myself for it? Are there any tools out there to kickstart my journey?
Oct 3, 2022
We Sent A Letter to Liz Truss
We’re asking for better human rights and environmental protections for supply chains.
Tulipshare Oct 3, 2022
We've launched a ton of new campaigns!
We’ve launched a ton of new campaigns, have you seen them? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the latest opportunities:
Tulipshare Sep 30, 2022
How Shareholders Are Changing the World: Airports
Recently shareholders voted to make Spanish airports more climate-friendly and 100% energy self-sufficient. Here’s how - and why - they made it happen:
Tulipshare Sep 28, 2022
London Fashion Week and Supply Chain Trends
With recent reports exposing the risks of forced labour in supply chains, we look at some fashion supply do’s and don'ts for apparel brands to follow.
Tulipshare Sep 23, 2022
How Shareholders are Changing the World: Oil and Gas
The climate crisis has never been more in need of urgent action, and shareholders can evidently play a huge part in pressuring companies to cut their emissions. This was recently demonstrated at Chevron. Let’s take a look.
Tulipshare Sep 19, 2022
Our Apple Campaign has Changed
While our main focus has changed, we will continue to engage with Apple and monitor the company's progress on the topic of right to repair as outlined in our previous campaign, which you can read below.
Tulipshare Sep 14, 2022
How Shareholders are Changing the World: Phasing Out Coal
This month we’re talking about ways that shareholders are using their power to change the world. Today we shine the spotlight on how shareholder activists were able to get HSBC to commit to a coal phase-out plan.
Tulipshare Sep 7, 2022
Liz Truss is the UK's New PM: What Does that Mean for ESG?
The UK Conservative Party announced that Liz Truss would be the new Prime Minister. Let’s take a look at some of her policies, and what her leadership could mean to ESG investing and shareholder activism.
Tulipshare Sep 7, 2022
How Shareholders are Changing the World: Climate Change
Shareholder activists are making some big changes in the climate change department. This week we’re looking at what happened at ExxonMobil.
Tulipshare Sep 5, 2022
Floods in Pakistan Are a Reminder That Time is Ticking on Corporate Climate Change Action
Over 30 million people have been affected by extreme flooding in Pakistan - that’s equivalent to half the population in the UK. The catastrophic weather has served as a harsh reminder that we need to ramp up our efforts to curb climate change quickly.
Tulipshare Sep 2, 2022
How Shareholders Are Changing the World: Sexual Harassment
This month we are looking at some of the ways shareholder activists have changed the world.
Tulipshare Aug 30, 2022
What is Sustainable Investing?
There are many methods used by investors to build wealth and diversify their portfolios. One emerging trend is sustainable investing - but what exactly is it, and why is it viable?
Tulipshare Aug 26, 2022
Why Should Campaigners Care About the Stock Market?
Gone are the days when campaigners needed to stand on the street with placards to make their voices heard. Instead, activist investing enables campaigners to use the stock market to influence policy at companies around the world. Here’s how it works.
Tulipshare Aug 26, 2022
What Can Succession Tell Us About Shareholder Democracy?
Thanks to the hit HBO show Succession, many of us now better understand how conglomerates are run behind the scenes. But what has the show taught us about shareholder democracy? Let's find out.
Tulipshare Aug 15, 2022
Johnson & Johnson are stopping the sale of their talc-based baby powder AROUND THE WORLD
In 2021 Tulipshare filed a shareholder resolution with Johnson & Johnson (J&J) calling for the termination of global sales of the company’s talc-based Baby Powder. Less than one year later, Johnson & Johnson listened.
Tulipshare Aug 12, 2022
What Are Your Rights As A Shareholder?
Shareholders collectively own a company, but the day-to-day running of any corporation is up to the board of directors. Here's how to utilise your position and influence change in the boardroom.
Tulipshare Aug 11, 2022
What is Climate Justice?
Climate justice is about recognising that the changing climate affects everybody differently. But, more than that, it’s about enabling marginalised nations and communities to influence climate policy through direct action.
Tulipshare Aug 10, 2022
Meet The Team : Chief Technology Officer
If you are reading this, then it's because of him. This week, meet the man behind Tulipshare's platforms, the leader of the engineering team - Charlie.
Tulipshare Aug 5, 2022
What Can We Do To Stop Climate Change?
Policies designed to stop climate change have been front and centre in the news in recent times. But what can you do at an individual level?
Tulipshare Aug 3, 2022
Governance: The Silent G of ESG - A Focus on Board of Directors
This week we’re focusing on the board of directors - a pivotal role in any company. Read on to find out how different types of board of directors can impact a company’s governance.
Tulipshare Aug 1, 2022
A Recap Of The 2022 Proxy Season
Proxy season is a crucial time of the year for activist and impact investing, as the world’s largest corporations host their AGMs. 2022 saw some progress made in regards to ESG promises and policies, but what can we expect from proxy season next year?
Tulipshare Jul 29, 2022
Governance: The Silent G of ESG - A Focus on Greenwashing
This month we’ve been diving into the subject of governance, the seemingly ‘silent G’ of ESG. What is good governance? What is bad governance? Why does it matter? This week, we’re talking about how governance relates to greenwashing.
Tulipshare Jul 26, 2022
Governance : The Silent G of ESG
When it comes to ESG, ‘Environmental’ and ‘Societal’ issues often take centre stage, so much so that people tend to forget all about the seemingly silent G for ‘Governance’ - but here’s why we really shouldn’t ignore it.
Tulipshare Jul 22, 2022
Why Coca-Cola's Plastic Pledge Won't Save The Oceans
Beverage brands’ pledges to increase recycled plastic content will not save our oceans. Here’s why.
Tulipshare Jul 21, 2022
The SEC Proposes New Rules
Last week the SEC proposed some new rules, which - if passed - could essentially make it harder for companies to exclude shareholder proposals.
Tulipshare Jul 20, 2022
Introducing our Apple Campaign & Why It’s Important
As the largest tech company in the world, lots of people are asking the question - how to invest in Apple? We’ve made it easy to invest in Apple and provide you with the opportunity to drive positive change from within the company.
Tulipshare Jul 12, 2022
How Does System-Level Investing Differ From ESG?
System-level investing has stimulated a lot of recent debate in ethical investing circles. But how is it any different from ESG investing? Let’s take a look.
Tulipshare Jul 8, 2022
Why Diverting Funds Away From ‘Bad Companies’ Doesn’t Work
Thinking of punishing unethical companies by diverting your investments elsewhere? It might be time to think again.
Jul 5, 2022
What does ExxonMobil have in Common with the Tobacco Industry?
Exxonmobil are being sued for misleading consumers about their effect on climate change in a manner “reminiscent of the tobacco industry’s long denial campaign about the dangerous effects of cigarettes.”
Tulipshare Jun 29, 2022
Dual-Class Share Structures: What Do They Mean for Activist Investors?
Some dual-class share structures can potentially distort voting rights within corporations and make it more difficult for high-equity stakeholders to influence governance. But what does this mean for activist investors?
Tulipshare Jun 23, 2022
What is a Stock Split and How Does it Affect Investors?
With Amazon’s recent stock-split announcement many wonder what this means for current shareholders and our Tulipshare campaign.
Tulipshare Jun 16, 2022
AGM Results Roundup
You might have been keeping up to date with all the big news regarding our Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Salesforce and JPMorgan campaigns. But what about our newer campaigns - the ones that came to us as part of our partnership with As You Sow?
Tulipshare Jun 16, 2022
As You Sow's ExxonMobil Resolution Has Passed!
We are delighted to announce that As You Sow’s proposal for ExxonMobil to disclose their climate related risks in its fossil fuel expansion passed with a majority vote of 51%.
Tulipshare Jun 13, 2022
What happened with the Salesforce AGM?
Did shareholders back our proposal for a racial equity audit?
Tulipshare Jun 10, 2022
Tulipshare and As You Sow Partnership
You might have noticed a recent uptick in the number of campaigns we offer. This is down to our new partnership with As You Sow, a major player in the shareholder activism game.
Tulipshare Jun 8, 2022
Corporations Contributing to Climate Change: The 5 Worst Culprits
While the majority of corporate and state entities deserve a mention for their horrendous track record of greenhouse gas emissions, this article takes a look at five of the worst corporate offenders when it comes to contributions to climate change.
Tulipshare Jun 6, 2022
The Best Examples of Collective Action Throughout History
Collective action sees people come together to achieve change for the good of others and the world around them. Below, we explore some prominent historical and recent examples before explaining how you can join a collective action campaign today.
Tulipshare Jun 6, 2022
Our Amazon Proposal Received a Whopping 44% Backing from Shareholders
In fact, if Jeff Bezos hadn’t voted against us, we would have won!
Tulipshare Jun 1, 2022
Amazon AGM: Our Fight Continues
Investors were asked to vote today at Amazon’s AGM on whether the company should conduct an independent audit of warehouse workers wages and working conditions - sadly they did not support our resolution.
Tulipshare May 25, 2022
What happened at the JPMorgan AGM?
Our proposal to divest in fossil fuels was duplicative, so how much backing did the other proposal get?
Tulipshare May 20, 2022
Meet the Team: Strategic Partnerships Manager
This week we meet the wonderful Lizzie, who talks tirelessly about Tulipshare to anyone who will listen - whether it be to podcasts, universities, influencers, or just innocent bystanders.
Tulipshare May 20, 2022
YOUR MONEY, YOUR VOICE: What can you do next?
Were you inspired by the Your Money, Your Voice campaign? Want to find out more about how you can make a difference during the AGM season? Here are some things to know, and some things to do next.
May 12, 2022
How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is This Year
There’s no doubt that we live in a fractured world, with so many global issues it can feel overwhelming. This year, the wisdom that ‘no one can do everything, but everyone can do something’ is more pertinent than ever before.
Tulipshare May 11, 2022
Meet the team: Alli Tomi
Tomi is the brains behind getting our messaging out to as many people as possible, so if you've heard of shareholder activism and Tulipshare - it's likely because of him.
May 11, 2022
Our Johnson & Johnson AGM results are in…
On Thursday the 28th of April, we made our presentation to Johnson & Johnson shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM).
Tulipshare May 5, 2022
Why SRI and ESG investing aren’t enough to create change
Although they’re steps in the right direction, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing aren’t enough if we want to see real change in the world.
Tulipshare May 4, 2022
What is the role of the stock market?
The stock market is an intricate global body that is made up of a broad range of financial exchanges. It’s incredibly complex and serves multiple core purposes, as we explore throughout this article.
Tulipshare Apr 20, 2022
What is system level investing?
In a world where we could all be doing more to negate the environmental and social impacts of big business, system-level investing is a way of doing just that.
Apr 14, 2022
Meet the team: global head of compliance
If being regulated by financial authorities was like being on the Great British Bake Off, then Julie helps Tulipshare get ‘star baker’ week after week.
Tulipshare Apr 12, 2022
Talc: myth vs. reality
With Johnson & Johnson’s annual general meeting just around the corner, we wanted to talk a little more about talc.
Tulipshare Apr 6, 2022
Meet the team: attorney & head of shareholder activism
Constance Ricketts has the vital role of putting our activism into action.
Tulipshare Mar 31, 2022
Tulipshare’s review of Apple’s current independent repair and self service repair programs
Fighting for the right to repair isn’t just about consumers or businesses – it’s also about cutting landfill from electronic waste by increasing the lifespan of devices.
Tulipshare Mar 31, 2022
Everything you need to know about voting as a shareholder
Did you know that shareholders have the right to vote on corporate actions, policies, board members, and other issues?
Tulipshare Mar 30, 2022
What is a retail investor?
A retail investor is someone who invests money in the stock market as a non-professional.
Tulipshare Mar 30, 2022
Five ways labour rights could be improved at the biggest international corporations
Forcing the world’s largest corporations to change their ways isn’t easy. The way multiple companies treat their staff can be derisible at best, and inhumane at worst. But what can be done about it?
Tulipshare Mar 28, 2022
Why are corporations not doing enough to fight climate change?
When it comes to saying the right things, corporations seem to be on track as far as climate change pledges are concerned.
Tulipshare Mar 23, 2022
How can activist investing change the world?
Activist investing is a form of investing that is beginning to gain significant traction.
Tulipshare Mar 18, 2022
Tulipshare's proposal seeking to discontinue global sales of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based Baby Powder will be on the ballot at Johnson & Johnson’s upcoming AGM
You might have seen some press around the fact that we’ve successfully filed a shareholder resolution with Johnson & Johnson.
Tulipshare Mar 17, 2022
Fight for workers rights at Amazon with Tulipshare
UK retail investors fight to have workers’ rights proposal included at Amazon AGM
You might have seen by now that Tulipshare submitted a shareholder proposal to Amazon this year. Here’s why Amazon is trying to exclude it, and why we remain hopeful that it will be on this year’s shareholder ballot.
Tulipshare Mar 16, 2022
How to start investing for a positive future
Investing can be a powerful way to encourage and create radical change in multinational corporations - if done in the right way.
Tulipshare Mar 16, 2022
Spring 2022: What can you invest in through Tulipshare?
By unifying your investments, we can leverage your investor rights to push for real, authentic change. But what causes and corporations can you invest in on Tulipshare this winter?
Tulipshare Mar 7, 2022
Diversity and inclusion criticism at Salesforce
Salesforce has consistently failed to improve its employee diversity numbers.
Tulipshare Mar 2, 2022
How does shareholder activism work?
Buying shares doesn’t just have to be about making money. Your investments can impact the environment and society.
Tulipshare Feb 21, 2022
How activist investing could be used to make a difference
Traditionally, activist investing has been seen as an activity that favours profit at the expense of everything else.
Tulipshare Feb 15, 2022
What is corporate social responsibility?
Corporate social responsibility is one of those business terms that often gets muddled up in various definitions.
Tulipshare Jan 31, 2022
Plastic pollution: 5 things you need to know and what you can do about it
The 1950s and 60s brought us a lot of amazing things: television, Elvis, a moon landing, The Beatles. It also brought a lot of plastic.
Tulipshare Jan 24, 2022
How to exercise your shareholder rights
We all know how important voting is to democracy. There is no shortage of campaigns urging people to get out and vote before their next political election. But when it comes to shareholder democracy? You might as well hear crickets.
Tulipshare Jan 17, 2022
How to buy shares in a company and use them for change
For many people, buying shares is not often associated with progressive change. However, here at Tulipshare, we like to do investing a little differently.
Tulipshare Jan 10, 2022
What is ethical investing?
Ethical and activist investing have emerged as two methods of moral investing. But what are ethical and activist investing and how do they differ?
Tulipshare Jan 2, 2022
How to turn the promises made at COP26 into a success
With melting ice sheets, warming oceans and a drastic rise in the global temperature, the climate change clock is undoubtedly ticking.
Tulipshare Dec 20, 2021
Apple self service repair program and how it’s still missing the mark
While this is a positive move and a step in the right direction, we have identified gaps within the Self Service Repair Program that still need to be addressed.
Tulipshare Dec 14, 2021
A Letter from Antoine Argouges, founder and CEO of Tulipshare
Outrage became our currency. And yet it still hasn’t been enough. Despite the disruption, the financial world has continued to turn, the rich have continued to get richer.
Tulipshare Dec 13, 2021
Tulipshare receives $10.8M in seed funding to continue its mission of bringing activist investing to retail investors
As a result, our team of highly skilled engineers, marketers, and attorneys will expand in the new year. We're excited to introduce new campaigns as a result of this expansion.
Tulipshare Dec 7, 2021
Five things you need to know going into this proxy season
The proverbial “proxy season” happens each year between mid-April and mid-June, during which time many large corporations will host their annual meetings.
Tulipshare Nov 26, 2021
Three ways Tulipshare is changing the world of activism investing
"What is really important is structural change - and that can only be achieved through long-term thinking and long-term investments and regulations." - Joeri Rogelj
Tulipshare Nov 22, 2021
How shareholder activism can help companies strengthen ESG initiatives
Investors are increasingly viewing corporate attention to ESG criteria as a good thing. Thus, applying ESG best practices can be considered to be a way to make businesses more competitive and may even yield better financial results.
Tulipshare Nov 22, 2021
Racial equity audits: What are they and why should you care?
Racial Equity Audits are a relatively new ESG initiative. These audits provide an independent review of a company's policies and how well they foster diversity, inclusion, and racial equality.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
What is ESG investing?
Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about how businesses are affecting the environment and social wellbeing of our world.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
COP26 and funding climate change: How shareholder activism and engagement may add hope
The UK’s finance day was held on the 2nd of November during COP26, amidst ongoing protests from green activist groups concerned about ‘greenwashing’ - or misleading the public on how effective certain green initiatives actually are.
Tulipshare Nov 19, 2021
What is activist investing or shareholder activism?
Put simply, activist investing and shareholder activism is the act of investing your money into publicly traded companies held on the stock market and then using your shares to influence their corporate governance.
Tulipshare Nov 18, 2021
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