Press for Apple to Enhance Reporting on App Store Takedowns
In response to news reports that Apple has removed apps from its App Store, sometimes proactively, to avoid harming relationships with authoritarian governments – including Apple’s compliance with requests from Russia and China, two regimes that stand accused of war crimes and genocide, respectively – Tulipshare is calling on Apple to revise its Transparency Reports to provide clear explanations of the number and categories of app removals in response to government requests that censor tools for pro-democracy organising or freedom of information and communication.

Important Disclosure Tulipshare has co-invested alongside our users in support of this campaign. Tulipshare currently owns 200 Apple shares. Please see below to learn more about supporting our campaign

Our Goal

Tulipshare, alongside socially responsible investment firm, Azzad Asset Management, request that Apple’s Transparency Reports be revised to provide clear explanations of the number and categories of app removals from the App Store, in response to or in anticipation of government requests, that may reasonably be expected to limit freedom of expression, freedom of information, or access to information.

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