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Ask Johnson & Johnson to be More Transparent with Vaccine Pricing
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Campaigns that support ‘people’ speak to the ‘Social’ pillar within the traditional ESG agenda.

This means focusing on social justice through organisational policies and practices regarding human rights, gender equality, business ethics, supply chain management, diversity and inclusion, and social impacts resulting from corporate operations.

Through our ‘people campaigns’, our mission is to promote personal welfare through corporate responsibility. Our approach is to leverage the collective shareholder rights of our investors to fight to influence the corporate governance of public companies and push them to be more ethical. We want to work towards a world where protecting people is central to corporate decision-making.

How can actively engaging with your investments help people?

Shareholders who engage with their shareholder rights and use their proxy votes can push for fairer business practices. If you own enough shares in a company, you can even submit shareholder proposals for other shareholders to vote on, thus opening a valuable avenue for activism.

What kind of business practices can we push for?

Promoting a safer workplace is of utmost importance, and we’ve already begun work through our Amazon campaign to push for better working conditions for their warehouse workers. But there are other ways to improve a business from a social standpoint. For example, racial equity audits are being implemented in some major global brands to help pinpoint issues with diversity and inclusion. Equal pay and gender equality are other ways to improve social initiatives. It’s also important to monitor how a business’s choices affect their consumers, for instance including potentially harmful ingredients such as talc in skin care products that can potentially cause cancer.