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Plastic Pollution

Reduce Single-Use Plastic Bottle Sales by 750,000,000 a Year by 2025
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McDonald’s Must Enact Better Sustainable Packaging Policies for Plastics
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We Want a Plan for Reducing Single-Use Plastics at Dow
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Introduce Sustainable Plastic Packaging Policies at Burger King
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Reduce Plastic Pollution at KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
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Campaigns that support our ‘planet’ speak to the ‘Environmental’ pillar within the traditional ESG agenda.

We want to push big businesses to do better in making our planet more sustainable, focusing on organisational policies and practices regarding fossil fuels, climate justice, sustainability, animal welfare, and other environmental issues.

Through our planet campaigns, our mission is to promote environmental corporate responsibility through shareholder engagement. We want to work towards a sustainable world in which protecting the environment is central to corporate decision-making.

How engaging with your investments can help the planet

The UK government has put pressure on the private sector to be more sustainable, but for lasting change the pressure must also come from within. Publicly-held companies cannot ignore their shareholders. Therefore, shareholders who engage with their shareholder rights and use their proxy votes can push for more sustainable business practices. If you own enough shares in a company, you can even submit shareholder proposals for other shareholders to vote on, thus opening a valuable avenue for activism.

What does business sustainability look like?

There has been a lot of focus on sustainability in the past few years, but there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to measuring targets and effectiveness. It’s going to take a huge effort from the financial industry and global governments to increase the efficacy of sustainability targets, but it can be done. Tulipshare seeks to identify opportunities to drive these changes through shareholder activism where we leverage our investments to fight to influence a corporation's behaviour.

What’s more, our campaigns are another way to unify shareholder voices and make sure businesses are subjected to higher standards when it comes to looking after our planet.