We want to empower activists to go beyond protests and petitions and use their money to make change.

Maybe you’ve donated to every charity, signed every petition and gone to every protest and still feel like things aren’t moving fast enough. Maybe you even boycott the bad businesses.

Tulipshare suggests there is another way forward: engagement.

Use your money to engage with causes

At Tulipshare we believe that engagement is key. Whether you like it or not, the corporate world influences our daily lives. Even if you’ve never bought a stock in your life, you’re likely to - at some point - own shares in a big business through your pension plan. And as a shareholder you have certain rights when it comes to voting on company policies.

However, very few retail investors take advantage of their shareholder’s right to vote. It’s time to change all of that.

Buy shares, have a say

Activists who are passionate about specific causes can visit our resources page to find out which Tulipshare campaigns they might like to support. We’re working on adding new campaigns all the time and love to hear from you about the causes that you’re passionate about. Our team of skilled researchers and legal experts work hard to bring each campaign to life, so feel free to drop us a line to make a suggestion.

Being an activist is all about staying informed, and activist investing is no different. If you’re new to the financial world and need some explainers about the world of activist investing, keep an eye on our blog and sign up to subscribe to our newsletter and receive new articles straight to your inbox.

You can also view our live campaigns and subscribe to any cause or causes that interest you. This allows us to send relevant updates directly to your email to help you stay informed. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on our blog or any one of our social media channels to stay current and up-to-date with the world of shareholder activism.

If you’ve invested in a campaign of ours, we’ll also send updates to let you know how the campaign is progressing.