Educate, engage and empower your user base to drive change through shareholder activism
Tulipshare is a for-profit company that partners with businesses and non-profit organisations to educate and engage their user base around the power of shareholder activism or activist investing to drive ethical change
our partners
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)
Celebrating its 51st year, ICCR is the pioneer coalition of shareholder advocates who view the management of their investments as a catalyst for social change. Its 300-member organisations comprise faith communities, socially responsible asset managers, unions, pensions, NGOs, and other socially responsible investors with combined assets of over $4 trillion. ICCR members engage hundreds of corporations annually in an effort to foster greater corporate accountability. Visit their website and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Advance ESG
Advance ESG is a nonprofit membership organisation that encourages and supports positive changes in Environmental, Social and Business Governance (ESG) corporate strategies through shareholder advocacy. Too often the policies made in boardrooms have widespread consequences, but only a small number of people are involved in the process. It’s time to change that paradigm. Advance ESG democratises shareholder advocacy and provides the mechanism for our members to directly impact corporate business policies. It’s free to join. Sign up today to add your voice and help us make corporations more environmentally and socially responsible.
As You Sow
As You Sow is the nation’s leading shareholder advocacy nonprofit, with a 30-year track record promoting environmental and social corporate responsibility and advancing values-aligned investing. Its issue areas include climate change, ocean plastics, pesticides, racial justice, workplace diversity, and executive compensation. The strategic partnership between As You Sow and Tulipshare empowers retail investors globally to use their shareholder power in support of resolutions on climate, racial justice, and other pressing issues.
The Diversity Trust
We are a Community Interest Company with a mission to influence social change to create a fairer and safer society. We are specialists in equality, diversity and inclusion. Our clients include individuals, businesses and organisations across the corporate, public and social purpose sectors.
City to Sea
City to Sea is a not-for-profit organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at source. Their award-winning campaigns tackle the single use plastic items most found on our beaches and in our rivers and oceans. City to Sea design and deliver innovative behaviour-change campaigns that help to stop plastic pollution. From tech-powered solutions, petitions and big media campaigns to grassroots community-led action and game-changing education programmes, City to Sea’s award-winning initiatives are helping individuals and organisations reduce single-use plastic and have a measurable, lasting impact.
Make My Money Matter
Make My Money Matter is a people-powered campaign founded by acclaimed filmmaker and activist Richard Curtis. The campaign group aims to give savers more voice and choice over their money so that their pension, investments, and bank align with their values and work to build a better world. Launched in 2020, they have helped achieve £1 trillion in Net Zero commitments from pension funds by the start of 2022, and are continuing to work across the sector to ensure we can be proud of what our money is doing.
Female Invest
Female Invest was founded in 2019, inspired by the three female co-founders' own experiences of not feeling included in the world of investing. Since launching, more than 90,000 people have attended Female Invest programs from over 80 countries. Our mission is to create a world where everyone is free to live life on their own terms. And the foundation is financial literacy. Female Invest gives its members an understanding of everything from pensions and budgeting, investing and crypto to market news, Q&As and live sessions with money coaches. With this knowledge in hand, members are empowered to achieve goals they never thought were financially possible before.
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