Make your investments
more ethical by engaging
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Get insider access to shareholder proposals at US publicly held companies before the company’s annual general meeting. Push companies to be more ethical and sustainable by pledging your shares today!
Our Campaings
There is power in actively engaging with companies and we’re proof that it works
Since launching in July 2021, Tulipshare and its investors have been able to achieve great things at companies like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Post Holdings, and ExxonMobil.
use your investments to tackle climate change
Use your investments to tackle climate change
Just 20 companies are responsible for one third of global emissions. If that shocks you, this might too - your investments have a key role in driving those emissions down. By voting in favour of critical resolutions this AGM season, you can ensure that the companies you invest your money in are serious about tackling climate change.
How does pledging
your shares work?
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Access a list of ethical campaigns at US publicly-held companies
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Support the campaigns by pledging your shares
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Receive ongoing campaign updates
In 2022, there were 868+ shareholder proposals presented at AGMs, but support for environmental and social proposals declined...
“Until Tulipshare, I had no idea what an AGM was. I’ve been amazed by how many proposals are presented at company’s AGMs and the power I hold as a shareholder.”
Charles ATulipshare investor